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Praise for Heidi

“A heartfelt journey of recovery from grief…memorable and exquisitely crafted.”

Bruce Meyer, award-winning poet and author Grace of Falling Stars

“serene and thoughtful…”

Tiny Seed Literary Journal

“The language is fluid, impactful, and spare and the attention to sensory detail is divine.”

Stacy R. Nigliazzo, award-winning poet, Sky the Oar and Scissored Moon

“Your words not only honor those who have been lost, but quite literally summon them into your body of poems. The collection has a sense of vulnerability that feels universal and easy for readers to trust and embrace. At times you move away from the self/personal/human perspective to expand your scope towards the natural world and what it can reveal about hope, growth, and healing, as well.”

Alan Chazaro, Lawrence Ferlinghetti Fellow and poet of Piñata Theory