Pathways to Poetry Course Launches to Help Poets


I admit I’ve filed poetry away in notebooks, drawers and hard drives for my entire life. It’s always been something I wanted to turn to when I had some time. I realized, however, that time never comes. For me, the turning point came when my mom passed on – I found solace in poetry during my grieving journey. I wrote many poems during those years and started returning back to previous notebooks. It was time to share, and when I won the poetry prize, I wanted to encourage others. This led to me creating a multimedia online poetry program.

The Pathways To Poetry program is for both emerging and established poets. Anyone from those who are “poetry curious” to those with a lifelong ambition to become the next Poet Laureate will benefit from the interactive program.

Where are you on your poetic journey? Ready to write, keen to publish and promote, or do you have boxes filled with musings that you don’t know how to organize?

I look forward to working with you in Pathways To Poetry.

-Heidi Sander

Heidi Sander award-winning poet and creator of Pathways To Poetry multimedia online poetry program

Pathways to Poetry Course Launches to Help Poets

Multimedia online program helps poets write, publish and promote

Drawing upon her lifelong commitment to the written word, the course Heidi Sander has been developing has finally launched! Pathways To Poetry, is a multimedia online program that helps emerging and established poets develop their writing, publish their poetry, and promote their work.

Experienced Poet and Multimedia Online Course Developer

As a course developer for 14 years, Sander learned all sorts of ways to guide students, step by step, toward understanding as well as execution of any new task. The content in the interactive online poetry program leans upon her decades in writing, publishing and book promotions. Since she won the poetry award, poets have come out of the woodwork to ask how it happened. The more Sander went into detail, the more she realized that her knowledge and experience both as a poet and in publishing and book publicity, could help others on their poetic journey. “The best way for me to share my experience with as many poets as possible was to share my knowledge in an online format,” says Sander. “It’s taken months, and involved many people, to put Pathways To Poetry together, but in some sense, it’s been a lifetime in the making as it encapsulates my experiences from the last 30 years. I’m now thrilled to offer it to poets worldwide.”

There are many pathways to poetry in this online program 

The program starts with the most important aspect: we are all poets in some sense whether or not we choose to publish or promote our work. The way Sander sees it, poetry is simply a lens through which some of us see the world. In talking with poets; however, she discovered that most poets harbour a secret wish to share their work. This program has a 3-step framework to help poets move through that.

Sander feels strongly about the power of words and she developed a new goal upon winning her poetry prize: to help other poets flourish. The Pathways To Poetry program includes:

  • video
  • audio
  • multimedia lessons
  • interviews with acclaimed poets
  • examples 
  • writing exercises
  • downloadable resource materials. 

Most importantly, it walks poets through the processes of writing, publishing and promoting poetry from various poet’s perspectives. Those interested in finding out more about the course can take part in the free poetry masterclass.